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                          COLOURED STONES PROGRAMME                 wpe7.jpg (15877 bytes)

Pre-requisites :   None

What You'll Learn : Through extensive practice in a laboratory   like setting   you'll learn to grade and identify coloured stones . You'll discover how to use gemmological testing equippment to identify and separate a wide variety  of gems. By working closely with your instructor and classmates on actual stones, you'll be testing and  identify hundreds of stones ,including some unusual and challenging  ones .Gain extensive familiarity with a wide variety of gems including emeralds , sapphires and rubies . Discover how experts  train in detection of synthetics , imitations and treatments . And learn how to grade colour , clarity and  cut using coloured stone grading system .

Who Can Benefit : Sales associates , managers , Owners , graders , buyers ,  appraisers ,whole salers , designers , and gem lab personnel .

Topics Covered  :
* Describing colour.
*  How colour affects value
*  How to grade and plot clarity charachteristics
*  Detecting natural gemstones , synthetics , assembled stoned , treatments , imitation , phenomena  gems
*  How to use gem testing equipment , sources & minning
*  How and when to use a gem lab
*  How and when to plan recutting
*  Ggrading translucent & opaque gems
*  Cabachons,Engravings & Carvings .

Course  length : 8 weeks

You'll Earn :  The Coloured Stone Diploma .

Your's To Keep
: A 10X  hand loupe ,study material issued to you .