What You'll Learn :  It would be an optimum combination of both graduate gemmologist & diamonds where you learn to recognize and provide unique realationships between beauty,quality & value in diamonds and coloured stones. In the Graduate Jewellery Programme  you prepare for a jewellery career by working on techniques & presentations of jewellery  as you would like in an actual trade shop environment.

Course Topics : As a graduate jeweller you'll be taught how  to use basic drawing techniques  , to sketch a wide  variety of rings , pendants etc and other styles of jewellery set with stones,how to do simple sketches that allow better record keeping.   .

    As a Graduate Gemmologist  >you will understand the unique relationship  between the 4 c's of diamond,how to use diamond equippment,to grade & identify gemstones and diamonds,importance of proportional cutting in diamonds, how cut affects light,beauty &value,physical & optical properties of diamond,grade diamonds in the normal colour range,treated &fancy coloured diamonds.How gems form and what are their optical & physical properties. made of,phenomena gems,synthetics,treatments,how and when to use gem lab services, tips on buying and selling coloured stones .

Who Can Benefit : Sales associates,managers,owners,graders,buyers,  appraisers ,whole salers , designers , and gem lab personnel .

Course Length : 52 weeks

To Complete This Course : As a Graduate Gemologist you must complete all required home work assignments,viva  & exams  measure your progress .You must achieve a minimum score  of 75 % on the written Final exam  and practical grading exam and a score of 90% on 20 stone identification exam .
  As a graduate jeweller you must complete  all daily projects with a "COMPLETE " or  "BETTER "  and score a minimum of  75% in  the exams .

You'll Earn:The AIG's Graduate Jeweller Gemmologist Diploma .