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What You'll  Learn
: A  Fundamental  understanding of jewellery designing by learning to concieve and illustrate  design ideas in detail and full colour.You'll learn how to design not only for beauty but also for problem free manufacturing,long wear and comfort. You'll learn how to create customised jewellery and purchase product lines with a keener eye for design and appeal .

Who Can Benefit :Manufacturers,bench jewellers's,jewellery repair personnel,stone setter    sales associates,managers,owners,graders,buyers, appraisers,wholesalers,designers,and gem lab personnel.

About This Course:Learn step by step how to sketch and illustrate gems,metals and jewellery.At the end of the programme you'll be required to present completed project (i.e you finish  of the course with a portfolio of jewellery designs which can be shown to potential employer...demonstrating your skills and knowledge )

Course Length : 6 weeks

Your's To Keep: A 10X  hand loupe,professional tweezers,table guage,study material issued for  you to keep .