Workshops : Our  institute  conducts  2  days   workshops  in  Gems  and  Jewels  which  are   practically  oriented  .  This  workshops  is   especially  designed  for  housewifes  who  are  unable   to  attend  long  term  courses  .
          Workshop   emphasizes  on  gemstones  which  are  available  in   the  Indian  market  .

                                Training   is  imparted  in  various  courses  through  slides   and  practicals  .

                                1. Gemmology :

                                                           Course  coverage :      Ruby , Emerald  , Sapphire .

                                2.Diamonds  and  Pearls :

Course  coverage :    Understanding  the  4 C`s  of  diamond .  Basic understanding of  natural &                                          cultured pearls.

Pre-requisites        :  None

Fees                          : The fees cover all material cost.

Time Duration        :The workshop duration is for 3 hours per day

Pragramme Topics : Through extensive practicals you'll learn with the help of experts the recognition and  detection of natural,synthetic and imitation as well as treated stones..At the end of the workshop a designing project is to be submitted which can be shown to potential buyers and at demonstrations in the near future